RepNet is based in Phoenix, AZ and represents dozens of manufactures in the construction industry serving Arizona, New Mexico, Las Vegas and El Paso. 



We believe in the RISE principles – Respect, Integrity, Service, and Experience. We extend these principles in every area of our business and personal lives.

The RepNet team is composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals who strive to make a difference every day.

The Repnet team believes in achieving results through collective accountability while helping the company perform above the line. Interactions with customers are rooted in three core beliefs.

  1. Empathy: Repnet family members are One. The office environment is relaxed and focused on the needs of our customers. The team individually and collectively strives to provide a first-class experience for businesses.
  2. Adaptability: “to improve is to change; To be perfect is to change often.” While perfection is never possible, how well we adapt to change will determine how durable our success will be.
  3. Accountability: We are all accountable and each team member takes the time to find solutions and solve problems independently of functions or titles.



Repnet is proud to have one of the most experienced teams in the market. We invest in our people and provide an environment that allows growth professionally and personally.

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Jack Burger


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Craig Schurke

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Mickey Preston

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Gabe Tijerina
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In my 15 plus years in the plumbing showroom industry Mickey Preston has been one of a small handful of manufacturer representatives that has consistently been a true partner.  He always answers his phone, replies quickly to emails and always goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure customer satisfaction.  He’s knowledgeable, reliable, responsive and honest.  You couldn’t ask for better qualities from a rep!  I always know I can count on him to support his product lines and to support me, making my job a little easier.Thank you for your very professional and promt response. I wish I had found you before I spent money on a competitors theme.
Rachel Lubay, Central Arizona Supply

Jack Burger and Rep Net have been fabulous partners with us here in Lakeside the past several years.  Jack is always willing to do counter days, training and help with technical issues on Navien tankless heaters and boilers.  Our customer base has said several times how helpful Jack is and responsive to their needs and concerns.  From a wholesale standpoint, it means allot to have partners who support us in our markets in growing sales and margins!!

Thanks a lot Rep Net for all you do for Hughes Lakeside!!

Chris Wallentine, Hughes Supply
You we’re very professional and quick. We will recommend your services to our friends. Mickey Preston has been a big help to me for any questions or issues that I may have from the companies that he represents. He always gets back to me in a timely manner to make sure that our customers are satisfied. I feel that he really cares and it is comforting to know that I have him on my side when ever a problem does come up.
Bryan Gover, Central Arizona Supply

Mickey Preston as a rep you have always represented your lines to the highest levels. I consider myself lucky to have met you and learned from you this past 25 years. You have been both a great rep and a great friend. Repnet is lucky to have you. You we’re very professional and quick. We will recommend your services to our friends.

Jose Aguire