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Repnet is an independent manufacturer’s representative with roots going back to 1973 when the original agency was established in Hawaii. Repnet represents companies providing a variety of products utilized in the plumbing, irrigation, landscape, pool/spa and construction/building markets. Repnet services the territories of Arizona, New Mexico, Clark County, Nevada and El Paso, Texas. Our 6,500 sq ft office and warehouse is located in Phoenix. In the spring of 2007, Repnet acquired Double K Sales, a local plumbing rep, allowing us a stronger presence in the market for our plumbing related lines. Our professional team of sales personnel specializes in servicing the wholesale distributor, contractor, engineer, architect, builder/developer and designer for all the markets we cover.

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Mission Statement

Our company strives to attain the greatest market share and customer acceptance of all the products we represent. To achieve this goal, we make the commitment to our employees, factories & customers to be fair and ethical while maintaining the a positive work culture.


Our company goal is to have Repnet and the principal’s products we represent be considered the best choice in the territory. We strive to attain the greatest market share and acceptance of all the products we sell. In order to achieve our goal, we commit ourselves, through hard work and education, to provide the best professional sales team available so that when an opportunity arises, we are their first consideration.

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RepNet: An Independent Manufactors Rep Agency

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